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Professional 8.5" Stainless Steel Sharp Sewing Scissors

Professional 8.5" Stainless Steel Sharp Sewing Scissors

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We love these scissors! With precision and sturdiness, the blades and handles of these shears are cast and worked separately which means while the handles are a lightweight casting, the blades are solid with an amazingly sharp knife edge. 

For cutting fabric, professionals usually choose 8” or 10” blades; these scissors at 8.5" are perfect and can cut out, clip notches and grade seams. They are light enough to keep by your machine for cutting threads if you don’t have snips.

4 1/4in.

Color: Matte silver

Handle is made with Zinc alloy.
Blades are made with Stainless steel.
2.5" mm thick blade
After sewing, wipe the insides of the blades with a clean, soft cloth. If you feel like your scissors are ‘crunching’ when closing, it’s because dust and fibers have built up in between the blades – wiping them down will cure and prevent this recurring. If you are using scissors on heavy duty fabrics, use a little machine oil over the blades.
Avoid dropping them! Never use them on paper or anything that is not fabric!


Safety precautions when working with scissors:

  1. Keep the scissors in the case and out of reach of children
  2. When working, do not leave the scissors blades open
  3. Do not hold scissors with sharp sides up, and do not use them when the central fastener is weakened.
  4. When working closely observe the direction of cutting. Do not cut in motion.
  5. When working hold the material with your left hand so that the fingers are away from the blade.
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