Ethics + Sustainability

The garment and textile industry is the second largest polluter of our planet, second to oil. The demand for fast/cheap fashion has become so high that the garment production chain- from design, to the consumer's hands- is poisoned with child labor, unsafe working conditions, and the destruction of our environment. Nothing about the industry is moral and sustainable. 


Here at Isee Fabric, we do things differently. We start by using organic cotton- grown and spun into yarn in the USA. We then have our fabrics milled right here. This reduces our carbon footprint, while also reducing our hand in the long supply chain of ethically questionable products. Our fabric mill is family-owned. We operate on small scale, supporting everyone in our path. 

Our packaging is made from paper and it’s plastic-free. It could be easily recycled or used twice. We also apply “no waste” principles, tying our fabric with fabric scraps, and foregoing the traditional single use plastics often found in fabric packaging. 

We strive to produce high quality fabrics in gorgeous, neutral colors that will stand the test of time. We use natural fibers that age gracefully and beautifully. We truly believe that the loving energy put into producing a piece of handmade clothing is carried with it forever. We want you to make items that soften with wear, last forever, and never go out of style.

You won't find trendy prints or the latest fad, here.  Our commitment to a neutral and earthy palette and the highest available quality fabrics shines in every piece you make. We are so happy to bring our passion and love of fabric to you. Thank you for supporting us.