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A beginners guide to successful sewing

A beginners guide to successful sewing

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Our beginner's sewing course is the perfect opportunity for you to start your own sewing journey!

Learn a Valuable Skill: Sewing is not just a hobby; it's a practical skill that can save you money, help you customize your wardrobe, and even open up opportunities for entrepreneurship.

Hands-On Experience: Our first course is designed for beginners with no prior sewing experience. You'll learn the basics of operating a sewing machine, fundamental stitches, cutting and sewing patterns.

🌟 Imagine the excitement of selecting your favorite fabrics, mixing and matching patterns, and watching as your sewing becomes your favorite thing in the world, and you get to make whatever you want for yourself, kids, gifts and home decor!

Have you ever gone to a store trying to find a cute dress but anytime you find something you like, it's too short, too long, low neck, high neck, sleeves are ugly etc.? As you start these modules just remember, these are only skills to get you started!  Keep going, be patient with yourself, and you will succeed!

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Our Ethically made, Organic fabrics are paving the way to a new, slower, mindful fashion in the USA. Locally grown cotton, small family-run USA mills, eco conscious dyes, and paying living wages are our top priority. Thank you for supporting us in this endeavor.