Simply easy Placket

Simply easy Placket

Say goodbye to placket problems! Here is a quick easy hack for sewing the perfect placket the easy way! No more frustrating folds- just smooth, simple and easy! 

1. Mark your center neckline 

2. Cut a 2x2" square of fabric (do a longer one for a bigger shirt) like a 2x6" it doesn't really matter the length, but the width should stay at 2".

3. Iron in half the hot dog style, serge 3 sides.

4. Lay it down on the center mark of the neckline.

5. Mark a line 3/4 of the way down the iron crease

6. Sew a box around the line using 1/4" allowance!


7. Cut open the line! Dont clip through the stitches!

8. Flip the "square" inside the cut

9.Iron it flat and stitch next to the serged edge

10. Flip over to the back! Viola your placket is done! Now you can get your bias tape and finish your neck! 

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