Sew a Lined Bodice Using the Burrito Method!

Sew a Lined Bodice Using the Burrito Method!


Purpose: The burrito method is used to achieve a clean finish inside your garment when you have a lining or a facing. It neatly encloses your seam allowances, ensuring that no raw edges are visible.



1.  Sew the shoulder seams: First, stitch both shoulder seams of the Main Bodice Piece,  and do the same for the lining. 

2. Neckline : Lay bodice out Right Sides Together. Sew around the entire neckhole. 

3. Roll it up: Roll one side of the garment toward the other armhole and flip the lining (or facing) right sides together with the outer shell. Sew the armhole and then turn it right side out.

4. Repeat for the other armhole: Perform the same process for the other armhole.

5. Side seams: Sew the side seams of the outer shell and the lining (or facing) separately and press them open.

6. Secure the lining: Stitch in the ditch at the side seam to secure the lining (or facing) at the armhole.

7. Result: Voilà! You’ve achieved a beautifully finished garment without any visible raw edges. It’s a moment of total sewing satisfaction! 🧵👗

Remember, the burrito method isn’t just for satisfying your sewing itch—it’s a practical way to create professional-looking sleeveless garments. Happy sewing! 🌟Follow along in the video!

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