From Scraps to Appliques!

From Scraps to Appliques!

Appliques are a fun way to use up fabric scraps! 


Here are some basic steps to follow:

-We recommend applying the applique on your cut pieces before constructing your main garment. You will have more room to sew it into place, and it will be easier when it is laying flat!

-Begin with choosing your design. You can draw it, or another helpful idea is to search online using the words "line drawing" with what you are looking for. EX. "flower line drawing".


-On your fusible interfacing , trace your design mirror image as it will be a backing for your design.You can trace the image straight off your computer screen, or print it and trace off of the print out.

-Press your design onto the back of your fabric using directions from interfacing.

-Cut out your design through the interfacing and fabric. This is easier with very sharp scissors! The stability of the interfacing helps to cut nice clean lines more easily.

-Remove the backing of the interfacing and place onto your main garment piece. Press/iron into place. If you used HeatNBond Ultrahold, you are finished! For all other applique techniques, Use a sewing machine and a straight stitch for this part, though a stretch stitch can also work.

-Sew along the edge of the design, as evenly as possible. We do not recommend using a zig-zag stitch here because it is harder to make this look clean. You are using interfacing so you won't need the zig-zag to hold the fabric pieces down, so a straight stitch is fine!

* If you feel you need to pin the scrap pieces down also use extra long ones made for appliques. 

-Now, construct your garment and admire your beautiful creation!

That's it!  Appliques are my favorite way to mix colors and textures together, and Isee Fabric makes it so easy with their gorgeous color palettes and textures. I've been known to keep even the smallest scrap in hopes to use it in a fun way!

Janie Superchi - guest blogger and amazing sewing wizard! Check out her work at @seejanemake





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