Sewing Projector

Sewing Projector

This is absolutely the best tool in modern day pattern cutting! No need to print, tape, and cut your pattern pieces!

This projector is called the VANKYO NATIVE 720  that needs to be mounted to the ceiling. Best projection distance: 50-60 inches from projector lens to desktop using a adjustable ceiling mount.

 When you buy digital sewing patterns, most come with a separate projector file that you can download on your computer, and open in ADOBE READER.

Once you open In ADOBE , plug in your cable.

You can rotate your pdf to the alignment of your choice. I prefer my pattern laid out so that the fold lines are facing me when cutting.

  1. Use pattern weights when cutting. It is so helpful with keeping your fabric from shifting while cutting.
  2. If you are cutting on a darker fabric, invert your colors using the settings above.
  3. Use an acrylic ruler when cutting along straight lines. This not only helps you to cut straight, but helps hold your fabric in place as well.
  4. The measure box will change per pattern maker. The measure box will line up with your ruler on your cutting mat grid. You need to adjust the zoom percentage on ADOBE READER. I usually have my zoom on 25-27%.
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