Custom Dye your Fabric at Home!

Custom Dye your Fabric at Home!

Have you wished you could find a certain color of our fabric? Today we are teaching you how to dye fabric yourself!

If you’re a beginner, the best fabrics for dyeing are made from cotton . These fabrics don’t require heat, so you can take your time without worrying about controlling this variable in the dyeing process. They also absorb colors beautifully and predictably, so you’re more likely to have a successful dye project.

Our favorite fabric to dye is our 100% Organic Cotton French Terry. Some other Fabrics that work beautifully are our Modal Spandex in White, 95/5 Organic Cotton Waffle in White, Hemp Spandex French Terry in White, or our 95/5 Organic Cotton 2x1 Rib in White! We also tried our Cotton Blend French Terry and it turned out gorgeous!

Supplies you'll need:

  • Soda ash
  • Dye salt
  • Fiber Reactive Powdered Dyes

  • Rubber gloves or tongs to pick up fabric
  • Urea
  • Measuring cups and spoons to use separate from kitchen utensils
  • Synthrapol textile wash
  • A washer or large tub to move fabric in. I prefer the washer so I don't have to hand mix for an entire hour

1. Add one cap full of synthrapol to your washing machine or dye bath. Add your fabric and fill the washer with enough HOT water to cover your fabric. Wash for 15 minutes.

It is important to wash your fabrics before dyeing! This ensures dirt, grease, or sizing is removed from the fabric from the milling process.

    2. Remove your fabric and set aside in another container for now. Drain the soapy synthrapol but do NOT rinse your fabric. If you are using a washing maching, DO NOT ALLOW IT TO RINSE!
    Next, add 3 gallons of HOT water for every pound of fabric. If you are using your washer, the small load setting would be best, or measuring water by hand to ensure the correct dye-to-water ratio. This is a very important measurement for dye strength!
    3. Take 1 cup of water from the water that you just added to your washer in a  large glass measuring cup. Add in one tablespoon of UREA.
    Urea is used to help the dye distribute evenly at a slower pace. 
    4. Now  you will add your fiber reactive powdered dye. We love the fiber reactive dyes from
    Add your dye to the measuring cup according to the manufactured instructions. (Typically it is one tsp per half cup of water)  This is where you get to be creative! Mix your own colors!
    Pour dye/urea mixture back into the water in your washer.
    5. Now you will add 2.5 cups of dye salt, or non iodized table salt to the washer or dye bath and run the washer for 15 minutes to dissolve the salt evenly! Be sure to set a timer so your washer doesn't drain!!


    6. After dye and salt mixture is fully dissolved, add your fabric back in (loosely) trying to make sure you do not have any creases when laying back into the water. Now agitate again for 15 minutes. DO NOT let your washer drain! Be sure to set a timer.

    7. Set the fabric aside again in a separate pail and add 1 cup of soda ash to your dye bath or washer. Mix/agitate for another 15 minutes. DO NOT LET THE WASHER DRAIN!
    8. Return your fabric to your dye bath/washer and soak for one full hour. Its best to periodically mix the fabric by hand during this time to give it a little agitation.


    9. Drain dye bath after the full hour is complete. Add cool/cold water or restart the wash cycle on Cold, stopping when the fabric is covered. Be sure to watch your washer!! Do not let it move on to draining!

    Add another cap full of synthrapol to the final wash so all excess dye is washed out. Allow your washer to Rinse or run the fabric under water until the water is clear if you are doing this by hand.

    10. You can now throw your fabric in the dryer!

    Optional: use dryer balls with a couple of drops of lavender oil- this smells so good! 
    11. Admire your beautifully dyed fabric! Sew it into something amazing, and don't forget to share!
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